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Maddie’s Mascara 24 Brand Partnership Controls the Fate of Highway 65

In a crooked turn of events, the fate of Highway 65 and its entire roster hinged on Maddie’s brand partnership with the cosmetic line Mascara 24.

Thursday’s (Aug. 3) episode of Nashville started with an overworked Deacon waking up to several texts involving business, including an invitation to make his Grand Ole Opry debut as a solo act. But Highway 65 needed his immediate attention.

Meanwhile, Maddie was filming her first commercial for Mascara 24. But nothing seemed to be going right on set. Stylists struggled to squeeze her into a beautiful red gown over her wet suit so she could stay dry while crews showered her with fake rain.

Maddie was barely in her dress when Mascara 24 execs barged into her dressing room to invite her to a party later at the karaoke bar Charlie Mae’s. She really didn’t want to go, but Alyssa promised Maddie she wouldn’t have to stay long.

When they arrived at the event later that night, annoying Mascara 24 staffers immediately started pawing all over Maddie, telling her that she’s so poised for a young woman her age. That’s when the company CEO Tom pulled Alyssa aside and broke the news that he didn’t like Maddie’s song because it didn’t mention his product. Alyssa said she would have to get back to him on that because his co-workers started chanting for Maddie to sing karaoke.

Alyssa rescued her by saying Maddie had a sore throat and would have to go home to rest for day two of the shoot. The Mascara 24 folks then started chanting for Alyssa to sing, and she came through with a killer karaoke version of “You Don’t Know Me.”

The next day on set was a total bear for Maddie. The director called for more fake rain and take, after take, Maddie couldn’t stop shivering. The only shot she nailed didn’t work because her hair was in her face. The same Mascara 24 employees who barged into Maddie’s dressing room pulled Alyssa aside and asked if Maddie was cool with everything. Alyssa assured them that Maddie was a consummate professional and that they didn’t need to worry about anything.

Then they dropped a bomb and asked if Maddie wouldn’t mind changing her lyrics from “Got me racing my heart now and I’m fading out,” to “I got my Mascara 24 and I’m not fading out.” They said that their CEO Tom was over the moon about the changes and emphasized that Maddie needed to be OK with the edits.

Avery was having a hard time balancing life on tour and at home. The tour was getting extremely popular, but Juliette was at home with their sick baby girl Cadence, and Juliette was due to record in the studio. She kept calling Avery about every decision that had to be made regarding their child.

Avery had hit wall, and his tour manager Molly could tell he wasn’t having fun anymore in his relationship with Juliette. While in Houston, she told Avery, “You’ve got to trust your partner can take care of themselves. You don’t always have to solve everything for them.”

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