See Joe Nichols Tackle Sir Mix-a-Lot Hit in Hilarious Viral Video

Don’t Miss His Countrified Cover of Rap Smash “Baby Got Back”

What more can he say? Joe Nichols likes big butts, and he cannot and will not lie about it

As he told in a recent interview, Nichols obviously plans on keeping things traditional country, but he’s also committed to keeping a sense of humor by offering a hilarious, truly spot-on cover of “Baby Got Back,” Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Grammy-winning, double-platinum certified hit from 1992.

You may be skeptical. We weren’t sure a country version of this particular song would work, either. However, there’s an old saying that if a song is good, a song is good.

One person who gave it a thumbs-up is Sir Mix-a-Lot, the master and originator of the quintessential rump-shaking smash. He even makes a cameo appearance in Nichols’ video.

It’s all in good fun, so don’t worry. His new album, Never Gets Old, features his current single “Hostage.” There’s no denying that twang.

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