Scotty McCreery on “Five More Minutes” and His Top Life Lessons

“You’re Going to Make Mistakes, and You’ve Got to Learn From Them and Move On”

Lock them doors. And never, ever open your door at 2 a.m. for a stranger.

That’s just one lesson American Idol winner Scotty McCreery has learned in his first 23 years of life. In his 2016 autobiography, Go Big Or Go Home, he recalled the 2014 incident when he and some friends from NC State University were held up at gunpoint at an apartment in Raleigh while watching Gladiator and having late night Cook Out.

McCreery recalled feeling helpless and afraid. At the time, he hoped the intruders didn’t recognize him dressed down in his Wolfpack cap, shorts and a t-shirt. The good news is they didn’t. In the end, one of the robbers turned himself in and two others are suspected of being involved.

Now McCreery has carry permit, and he makes sure to lock the deadbolt of every door he enters. But he has never been the kind of person to be victimized by the experiences life throws at him. He stays positive and looks at every decision he’s made in life as an opportunity to grow.

“Getting robbed kind of put things in perspective for me pretty quick,” McCreery said during our 23-minute interview. “It was obviously unexpected, and it still affects me today. I don’t leave a door or go inside a house or anything without locking the deadbolt now. We were at the beach house the other day and it was 1 p.m. in the afternoon. Dad was outside, and I accidentally locked him out. It just kind of makes you appreciate life more and appreciate time with your friends and family more. It can all be over in a flash.”

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