Last Weekend’s Greatest Hits

The Best Tweets You Might Have Missed

For most of us, August just means that summer is winding down and back-to-school days are right around the corner.

But for the artists in the country music world, it’s just another month of doing what they do: touring, making music and goofing around at home and backstage. Like the way Thomas Rhett caught his daughter and his wife playing on the porch. And the way Dierks Bentley fished out a lot of living during his downtime. And how Jesus took Kacey Musgraves’ wheel. And how Jake Owen offered his Idaho followers a beer-for-surfing trade. And the way Cole Swindell appreciated some fans braving the storm for his show. And how Brad Paisley tried to hook Kevin Jonas up with South Park. In other news, Carrie Underwood took advantage of not being on tour, and went to bed early.

Thomas Rhett: “#kissmonster”


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Dierks Bentley: “did a lot of LIVING this week. fully recharged. thanks”

did a lot of LIVING this week. fully recharged. thanks

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Kacey Musgraves: “Trailer broke in Banff. Thank you, Jesus, for not letting it fly off the side of the mountain.”

Jake Owen: “Looking out at a purrrrty lake here in Idaho pre show and looking to get a surf sesh in! I’ll buy gas and beer.”

Cole Swindell: “Hey… #WhatTheHell right?!”

Brad Paisley: “Hey @SouthPark , @kevinjonas wants to see if he and his bros are in the celebrity video tonight…”

Carrie Underwood: “My Sat. night update: after much consideration (2 minutes worth), I decided it is, indeed, time for night nights. I should be asleep by 9.”