Granger Smith Tells His Love Story

“Happens Like That” Raises the Music Video Bar and Brings in Two Very Special Cameo Appearances

Granger Smith can tell you firsthand that love can happen in the blink of an eye.

The Texas native’s newest single “Happens Like That” is a nod to the wisdom your mama always imparted on you — that love often comes along when you least expect it and hits you out of nowhere.

To help bring the song’s story to life in the video, Smith enlisted the help of the other person in his life all too familiar with this feeling — his beautiful wife Amber. (The two met when she starred in his music video for “Don’t Listen to the Radio.”)

Together, they take you on the journey of the relationship from the first glance across a crowded room to the proposal to marriage to eventually starting a family. And, yes, that is their son making a cameo appearance.

Directed by TK McKamy, Smith really stretched his music video muscles for this one.

“This has been the most extensive music video I’ve done, and we’ve done a lot of them,” he said. “We shot the video in a massive cornfield and a silo and it gives the video this mysterious tone. TK had a vision that the imagery would be kind of like a memory and these lightning strikes make time pass through these stages of life and love.

“It was amazing to have my beautiful wife Amber and my son, River, on set. My three kids have now all made cameos in my videos.”

Way to keep it all in the family, buddy.

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