Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard Gets Tail-Wagging Welcome

Harley Is the Ultimate Super Fan

If you love dogs as much as you love country music, then Tyler Hubbard’s new Instagram video will be the one you watch over and over. And over. It’s was taken when he got home from the road on Sunday morning (Aug. 6) and his golden retriever Harley was there to greet the tour bus.

As Florida Georgia Line’s bus rolled into the Hubbard driveway, his wife Hayley — off camera — tells the dog, “Look who it is!” The rest of it is just a lot of youthful canine enthusiasm as Hubbard tries to exit the bus with Harley refusing to leave his side.

He hashtagged it #goldensandgirls because the Hubbards found out late last weekthat the son they were expecting is actually going to be a daughter.

It’s very unusual for a noninvasive test that analyzes fetal DNA found in the mother’s blood to be wrong. Some obstetricians claim that the gender tests are 99 percent accurate, which would put the Hubbards in the other 1 percent.

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