Luke Bryan: A Decade of #TeamFishin’

A Few Lessons in Trout Fishing

Just about everything I know about fishing I learned from Luke Bryan’s “Tackle Box.” (I grew up with a single mom in the suburbs of Detroit, so we just weren’t part of that outdoorsy huntin’ and fishin’ life.)

“Tackle Box” is a fishing song Bryan co-wrote that I first heard almost exactly 10 years ago. The ballad about fishing with his grandpa was on his debut album I’ll Stay Me, released on August 14, 2007. And it’s all about how he’d bait his hook and “keep on tellin’ stories ’bout nickel Cokes, girls and sandlot glories” and, ultimately, how his grandpa would open up every time he opened up his old tackle box.

So when Bryan posted a video on Facebook on Thursday (Aug. 10), saying, “We are definitely #TeamFishin this week,” I knew I’d learn even more about fishing.

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