Thomas Rhett: Less Twang, More Memories

What's Changed, and What Has Not

Thomas Rhett says he’s been on a musical journey ever since he was country music’s new guy.

“If you listen to songs on my first record and then compare them to (Life Changes), it changed a lot. My voice has matured, and I don’t sing as twangy as I did on my first record,” Thomas Rhett told See his 2012 debut hit “Something to Do with My Hands” for proof of that twang.

He also thinks fans might look at him on stage and wonder why he’s not in the standard issue country uniform of a cowboy hat and Wranglers. “A lot of people look at me onstage and think, ’He’s wearing Vans and skinny jeans. What is happening here?’ I feel like I get asked the question a bunch: Where do you see country music going? Do you feel like you’re still a country artist?

“I just felt like my fans needed to know that there’s no weirdness going on with this album. It’s just an evolution. I’m still the same person I was and always have been, just more musically progressive,” he said.

While Rhett has been on that journey, not all the progress has been musical. He’s gone through some major life changes — he welcomed two daughters home this year — so his next album was titled aptly. And where there are life changes, there are memories.

“We’ve got a few very nostalgic feeling songs on this record,” he posted on Twitter recently. And one song — “Unforgettable” — is all about remembering the very moment you fell in love.

“It’s a song we wrote on the bus, and we really just wanted to tell the story of a guy narrating to a girl, just reminding her that he remembers exactly what happened the night that they met. And just a very detailed memorization of the night that he fell in love with her,” he said. “I think a lot of people can relate to that.”

Life Changes
will be released on Sept. 8.