Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team: Biggest Moments From Finals

Solos, Interviews and Fashion Emergencies

On the episode of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, titled “Finals,” all 83 women are judged head to head during a panel interview, a solo dance performance and on their appearance on the football field as seen on the big screen.

Let’s check out the biggest moments:

  1. The hopefuls arrive at the infamous Kitty Carter’s Dance Factory.

    These girls have no idea what they’re getting into…

  2. Kitty Carter hasn’t changed a bit.


  3. The girls are killing it. Maybe they won’t need her help?

    Look at that spin. What?!

  4. By Kitty’s reaction, they’ll need some help.

    Looks like the hopefuls need some work after all.

  5. Meanwhile, the veterans practice their butts off.

    They better practice a few more hours because these newcomers are fiercer than ever.

  6. Then, it’s Interview Day. AKA, the worst game of trivia ever…


  7. Next, Finals Day. The hopefuls give it everything they’ve got.

    Yas, kween!

  8. After the judges deliberate, the lucky handful of hopefuls are called.

    Hey, Kalyssa!

  9. Off to camp we go!

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