Thomas Rhett: Two Girls, Two Names

Family Tree Inspired His Daughter's Names

If Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren have any more kids, they will probably all be blessed with two names.

He revealed in a recent radio interview that he and his wife Lauren are just a double-name kind of family.

His brand new baby born on Aug. 12, Ada James, got her name from an uncle and a dream.

“James comes from my uncle, my dad’s brother. His name is James Elias. So James is her middle name,” Thomas Rhett said. “And Ada, Lauren said that she had a dream and she kept hearing the name Ada in the dream. And that is why we went with Ada. Pretty random but really cool.”

Then Thomas Rhett’s older daughter Willa Gray got both of her names from the family tree.

“Willa came from my mom’s dad, his name is Willard, which translated means ’innately brave.’ And so we felt like Willa was a beautiful girl name and also I think we thought it represented kind of her story, like you have to be strong to survive what she went through,” he said of her life in Uganda before the Akins brought her home to Nashville.

The second part of her name comes from Thomas Rhett’s brother-in-law.

“Gray is short for Lauren’s brother Grayson, and we really love Grayson’s personality and we love him so much. We just thought Willa and Gray really nice together,” he said.