Is Carrie Underwood a Backseat Driver?

Isaiah, Take the Wheel

In about 12 more years, Carrie Underwood might very well be sitting in the passenger seat of a black Mercedes-Benz SUV next to her son Isaiah when he has his driver’s permit. But for right now, she was just along for the ride in Isaiah’s Avigo Mercedes ML63.

Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher posted a photo of the two of them in the little toy car, along with a special message to his son.

Yeah this is happening!! She tells me where to go too buddy

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There’s no audio, so you can’t hear what Underwood is saying. She’s just pointing to the left while Isaiah keeps both hands firmly on the little steering wheel. The car comes with a MP3 connector and state-of-the-art speaker system, but you can’t tell from the photo if they’re listening to any tunes.

We’ll have to wait for Fisher to post more photos — and hopefully some videos — in the days to come.