Where Tim McGraw Gets His Best Ideas

And His "Really, Really, Really Great Habits"

Some people might like the solitude of exercising alone. But Tim McGraw isn’t one of them.

He prefers to get his pre-show workout in with his band, because he says it’s a great team builder in more ways than one.

“We end up talking about the show a lot and talking about different things that we want to do and how we might change the light or maybe change a certain guitar sound,” McGraw told Entrepreneur.

Those workouts can turn into brainstorming sessions about the music, the show and how they’re all working together.

“Some of our best ideas about the show come during our workouts. It’s a direct translation to what we do onstage. When you’re out there with a team and you’re pushing each other to work hard in the afternoon, you do the same thing when you’re on stage together,” he said.

But what about his own commitment to high-intensity workouts? Is that more about feeling good or looking good?

“It’s not necessarily about how you look, it’s about accomplishing something. Finding good habits turned into better habits and finding better habits turned into really, really, really great habits.

“I think it’s made my career stronger and certainly has given me more longevity,” he said.