Luke Bryan Gives Justin Moore “Hell”

"If You Love It, Take It," He Says

When songwriters write a song, one of their next steps is to see which artists might want to cut it. But before an artist does that, he/she will put the song on hold while they think about it.

That was the case when Blake Bollinger, Matt Rogers and Ben Stennis wrote “Hell On A Highway.” Luke Bryan put it on hold. But when Justin Moore heard it, it was love at first listen. And he was not going to give up so easily.

“So I said, ‘Well I’ll just text or call Luke,'” Moore said in a recent radio interview. “He hit me back and said, ‘Man, if you love it, take it.’

“And that speaks volumes of the type of guy that Luke is. Luke and I have known each other since [neither] of us had a record deal so we’ve known each other a long time,” he said.

Moore even named his new tour after the song, and that Hell On A Highway Tour kicks off on Oct. 13 in Monroe, Louisiana.

Kinda Don’t Care (Instant Grat Video) by Justin Moore on VEVO.

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