Miranda Lambert on Those Finished-Song Feels

"Nothing Makes Me Feel on Fire More"

Sometimes, when Miranda Lambert is starting to write a new song, the idea might come from something she overhears or something one of her friends texts her in the middle of the night. But no matter where it begins, Lambert says that when it’s all said and done, that is a special kind of emotion.

“A lot of things in life are exciting, but nothing in life makes me feel on fire more than having a finished song,” Lambert told American Songwriter for the cover story in the September/October issue.

One example of that feeling came from finishing “We Should Be Friends.”

“I was in my music room. But I didn’t have that one song that I wrote alone, that I feel speaks directly for Miranda Lambert, and who I am.

“I’m a huge believer in writing by yourself. It’s fun to be pushed by songwriters better than you, but it’s important to keep it close and remind you of the grind of songwriting and the reward,” she said.

The rest of the tracks on her latest album The Weight of These Wings were written come from what Lambert says most people in the world have in common. Pain and love.

“Whatever way you display that or describe that: it could be for a kitten or a lost grandparent or a loved one. Love is at the center, and with love comes pain. I like to have a balance in the music I write, and the music I listen to, of both. Pain and love. Those two things are tangible things and they are the center of the universe. At least of mine,” she said.

Lambert is using her own life — the pain and the love — for her art, she says, and hopes that that will make someone feel less alone.

“Those are my favorite kind of records and my favorite songs,” she said, “the ones where I am like, ’How did they know?'”