Miranda Lambert Listened to the Cry

The Sound She’d Never Heard from Faith Hill

Almost exactly 15 years ago, Faith Hill released her one and only pop crossover attempt. Her Cry album came out in October 2002. And while it may not have garnered the critical acclaim of her other albums, it made a fan out of one 19-year-old girl in Texas.

Miranda Lambert.

In a radio interview, Lambert opened up about how the music that influenced her growing up was not 100 percent straight-up country.

“I loved from Patti Loveless to Faith (Hill), Shania (Twain), Sara Evans. Then also the pop side, you know, Beyoncé, Destiny’s Child. I was loving people that had something different, that did something a little bit different,” Lambert said.

And then there was Hill’s Cry. Lambert said that she liked the way she was kind of a pioneer of the crossing-over trend.

“When Faith did the pop album, the Cry record, I just thought it was great,” she said. “And Shania obviously wrote all kinds of records and [broke] barriers with her music. Those aren’t necessarily my musical influences of course, but they’re influences to me as far as what they did later on in their careers versus when they started.”

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