Jason Aldean Still Has a Story to Share

Read All About It in Family, Friends and Fans

There are always more stories to tell. That’s what I’ve learned after years and years of sitting down with country stars. No matter how many times they tell you a story from their past, they never run out of material.

So I’m not surprised that Jason Aldean has written a book — Family, Friends and Fans — filled with his back stories. Some you may have heard before, but plenty you haven’t.

They Don’t Know (Official Video) by Jason Aldean on VEVO.

It is a musician’s diary that chronicles Aldean’s years playing shows in dive bars, going to school and playing baseball until he was discovered by his current producer Michael Knox. “Jason looks back at the things that brought him where he is today, and that continue to shape his future. With wisdom, warmth and humor, Jason shares recollections he derived from people with whom he has bonded during his life and career,” the book’s description says.

Aldean wrote the book with Tom Carter, who has been helping country stars like Reba McEntire, Merle Haggard, Glen Campbell, Ronnie Milsap, George Jones, Tammy Wynette, LeAnn Rimes, Ralph Emery and Larry Jones tell their stories for years.

Family, Friends and Fans is not the first autobiography from a modern country star. In 2012, Brad Paisley wrote one called Diary of a Player: How My Musical Heroes Made a Guitar Man Out of Me. In 2006, Gretchen Wilson wrote Redneck Woman: Stories from My Life. In 1996, Tim McGraw’s mother Betty Trimble wrote A Mother’s Story. And Charlie Daniels’ memoir Never Look at the Empty Seats and Wanda Jackson’s Every Night is Saturday Night: A Country Girl’s Journey to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will be out later this year.

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