Dierks Bentley May Never Come Down From This U2 Moment

Bono Slips Into "Drunk on a Plane" Live in New Orleans

When Dierks Bentley released his Modern Day Drifter album way back in 2005, I interviewed him about it. And he told me that he knew exactly how it felt to be a fan, because he was a card-carrying member of the U2 fan club. He even offered to show me said card in his wallet. Then about five years later, Bentley put a U2 cover of “Pride (In the Name of Love)” on his 2010 bluegrass album Up on the Ridge.

Bentley and OneRepublic even covered “Pride (In the Name of Love)” live for their CMT Crossroads.

So I can only imagine how Bentley felt on Thursday (Sept. 14) when the band he loves so much covered one of his tunes.

At a show in New Orleans, U2 slowed down Bentley’s 2014 hit “Drunk on a Plane,” and he was stunned. Bentley co-wrote the song with Chris Tompkins and Josh Kear.

“Trying to process… U2 breaking into drunk on a plane last night in New Orleans. Can’t make this up. @u2 #drunkonaplane #beautifulday @onecampaign Thank you whoever posted this video. I need a drink… maybe several,” Bentley posted on social media.