Garth Brooks: “The. Show. Must. Go. On.”

Country Music Hall of Famer Explains the Necessity of Music

Music can be there in times with people need it most, and it has the power to heal.

Garth Brooks’ world tour continues Thursday night (Oct. 5) in Indianapolis. And so his advice to his fellow artists who are grappling with the fact that they have to take a stage so soon after the massacre in Las Vegas is to be there for the fans.

“Here’s the deal. This has been rough,” Brooks said in a new Facebook Live video. “I can’t imagine what went on out West. And I can’t imagine the artists that have gigs tonight. And I know you’re probably wondering what to do. Here’s my advice: The. Show. Must. Go. On. It just does.”

Brooks went on to explain that just like other professionals who are at their best when times are at their worst, musicians have the power to help ease the suffering.

“When things go bad, doctors go to work. When things go bad, policemen go to work. When things go bad, music and musicians go to work. They need you,” he said of collective group of millions of country fans. Fans who, he added, are always there to get away from it all, be joyous and sing.

“Things have gone bad,” Brooks said, “and they need music and the power of that healing.”

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