Jessie James Decker Preps for Baby No. 3

Her Mom Makes Her a Good Mom

By the time your third baby arrives, you’ve already had plenty of practice parenting. So Jessie James Decker — already mom to Vivianne “Viv,” 3 and Eric Jr. “Bub,” 2 — is so ready for the baby who’s due in March.

Decker shared the news on Instagram, saying she and her husband Eric were over the moon.

And last time she sat down with, Decker talked about some of the things she admired about her own mother, which usually dictates the kind of mother you’ll be.

“My mom is the reason. She made me feel like I could do it all,” Decker told “She made me feel like I could be anything I wanted and anything I wanted to be involved with, I could do it.”

Maybe because of that, Decker also said that she wants to be the same for her kids: a mother they look up to.

“It is hard because I feel like I take time away from my kids and family when I go to do work. Every mother does,” she said. “So, I can see why moms don’t want to work anymore and they want to stay at home with their kids, because they miss them so much.

“But I feel like if I’m going to have to be taken away from my family, I want what I’m doing to feel worth it to me. So when people are telling me that I’m inspiring them or helping them through a hard time, then that’s worth it to me. I know that I’m doing good. And I know in return, my daughter’s looking up to that and it’s going to inspire her to do good things.”

Decker’s new album Southern Girl City Lights will be released on Friday (Oct. 13).