Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly Marry

Saturday Wedding in Tennessee Makes it Official

It was less than a year ago when Kacey Musgraves announced to her fans and followers that her boyfriend Ruston Kelly had proposed in the Texas home where she was raised. “I didn’t say yes … I said HELL YESSSS!!”

And now, the two have become Mr. & Mrs.

Musgraves and Kelly were married in Tennessee on Saturday, Oct. 14.

The wedding wasn’t a complete surprise, because Kelly had posted on Friday night that he was spending his last night as a bachelor. And he was happy to do so. “Finally ready to throw in that towel cuz I actually found the real thing. Couldn’t be more proud to have all our family and friends here to honor this new badass union.”

He also shared a picture of his dog in a tuxedo, saying, “Oh hey Sawyer are you so pumped for this wedding?”

Back in July, Musgraves had celebrated her bachelorette party at Dollywood in East Tennessee. “Dolly Parton, you sure run a classy joint,” she’d posted, adding “Fanny packs / fireworks / drinking games / dollywood / bedazzled bandanas / bubbles / cookies / candle making / rainbows / roller coasters [that nearly made me have a stroke] and the best women on Earth nestled in a cabin in the mountains celebrating me finding the love of my life. Thank you to @kellychristinesutton + @marnie_price for organizing the shindig and @elicers + the team at @dollywood for helping make it the most MAGICAL time ever!] @dollyparton – you sure run a classy establishment #AllGoodInDollywood #LastRideForTheBride #SlayceyMusRAGE”