Sam Hunt: From Solo to Shotgun

How His New Wife Changed His Journey

When Sam Hunt married Hannah Lee Fowler back in April, everything changed. And it sounds like, for the better.

In a new interview with ET, Hunt described the before and after of his married life. “I am like a lone wolf naturally, and I’ve kinda been taking that approach the past three years. I’m close with my band, but for the most part, I feel like I’ve been out here kind of solo,” he said of the before.

Then, of the after, Hunt said, “And to have somebody with me riding shotgun has been really awesome as I journey through all this craziness.”

He also shared that another perk of being married is just being able to spend time and share life together.

As for his second album, a follow-up to Montevallo, he is taking it slow just as fast as he can. “I don’t want to put anything out just to keep the business going or for no other reason than to put out something I’m proud of and I think people are gonna connect with,” he said. “So when I get to that point, I’m gonna put out music. But I’m enjoying the process.”