Can Blake Shelton Get a Word in Edgewise?

Not If Jimmy Fallon is in Charge

Before Blake Shelton even came out to chat with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Monday (Oct. 30), Fallon was already making fun of him.

He started with Shelton’s new album, Texoma Shore. First, Fallon compared Shelton to the Brawny paper towel guy, then he basically just thoroughly mocked the album cover, the pose, the setting, the bright light, and the track listing.

That bit lasted a while, so when Shelton did finally join Fallon on the set, the first thing he said was, “I loved the 15-minute segment you did making fun of my damn album cover. Can you try to help me sell albums for once?”

But Fallon wasn’t done with Shelton. The ridicule picked up steam when Fallon imitated what he thought Shelton’s upbringing in Oklahoma must’ve been like. And then he told Shelton that the restaurant he just opened in his hometown of Tishomingo, Ol’ Red, had a terrible name. And he put on a cowboy hat and imitated Shelton singing his new single “I’ll Name the Dogs.”

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The interview went on and on like that for a good ten minutes, before Fallon and Shelton played a game of caramel apple roulette, taking bites of caramel-covered apples that had the potential to be raw purple onions.

The usually loquacious Shelton barely had room to counteract all the mockery. But sometimes, being a man of few words can pay off when you finally do have something to say. So the very best part of the show was when Shelton finally paused and asked Fallon, “Can you interview me, for God’s sake?”

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