Luke Bryan on Ups, Downs and Casseroles

“Life’s Gonna Get You,” He Says

It’s not an act, according to Caroline Bryan.

On Monday night’s (Nov. 6) Living Every Day with Luke Bryan special, Bryan’s wife made it clear that he is the exact same person on and off stage. And he agreed, joking that, “She doesn’t buy into what old Lukey boy is selling.”

Bryan told Robin Roberts that the reason he’s that kind of man he is today is because of what makes him country: “Just how I was raised in a small town with parents who — when I wasn’t acting right — they reeled me back in. We were a tight family.”

And when he reflected back on all the triumphs and tragedies his life, Bryan had a lot to say about how he stays positive even when he gets mad at God and questions, “Why us?”

“You have to honor their memory by living,” Bryan said about losing his brother, his sister, his brother in law, and most recently, his niece. “You just talk to them like they’re still here. It is awful. But if you live long enough, life’s gonna get you a little bit.” And when life’s getting tough for someone else, Bryan knows just what to do. “When someone else is struggling, you got to show up and bring the casserole,” the genuine country boy said.

More advice from Bryan? “You keep going and try to appreciate every day. It is so tough to move on. You don’t want to think about life that way,” he shared, “and music has been good for every hiccup on the road. Music has helped us through this crazy ride of life.”

When talk turned to this year’s CMA Awards, Bryan explained that as you have more and more success in the music business, you get closer to the front of the stage. Ten years ago, he was seated pretty far back. This year, he and Caroline are in the front row.

It’s hard to even believe that it’s only been ten years since he released his first album, I’ll Stay Me. And for his next ten years, Bryan promises he’s going to not let it go by so fast.

“You’re gonna notice me stopping and smelling some roses a little bit more.”