Kelsea Ballerini’s Seven-Move Routine

Always Encouraging, Never Exhausting

I’m exhausted from just reading about the workout Kelsea Ballerini does with her personal trainer, Erin Oprea.

Oprea create a seven-move routine for Ballerini that includes the lunge pulse, inverted row, one-legged squat, walking plank with push-ups, lateral lunge to curtsy lunge, ankle-weight bottom pulses, and the sounds-easy-but-is-actually-crazy-tough pulse push-ups.

As torturous as all seven of those sound, Ballerini sounds like she is very glad she hooked up with Oprea, for a lot of reasons. “I guess I always had this thought that trainers just yell at you until you cry. But with Erin, she definitely pushes me, but she also just makes me feel really empowered when we work out,” Ballerini told Health.

“Afterward, I never feel stressed or exhausted; I always feel good, like I just accomplished something. Erin’s really encouraging like that.”

And what she’s accomplishing is way more than just a slim figure. Ballerini thinks the workouts have helped her be a better singer by improving her stamina and breathing.

“That’s more important than how your jeans fit,” she said.