What Lee Brice Did Differently on Lee Brice

A Little Less Fancy But "It Sounds Like Me"

When it came time for Lee Brice to name his fourth studio album, he simply called it Lee Brice.

Usually, artists reserve their own name for their debut albums. But for the past seven years, Brice has shown that he doesn’t always do things the way Nashville tells him to. And it sounds like that’s the way he approached things in the studio when he was making the music for Lee Brice.

When Southwest the Magazine asked Brice what his favorite instrument was, he said guitar, but he also admitted that he added about six more instruments to the 15 new tracks.

“I’m a guitar player. My band is on a whole different level, but I hear melodies and nuances and I love to play. Every chance I could, I played on this record,” Brice said, “the electric guitar and banjo, as well as some piano, bass, drums and even a little harmonica.”

He explained that for a long time, the best session musicians in Nashville play on all the records being made there.

“It’s still that way 95 percent of the time. Even though they’re the best in the world, it can all start to kind of sound the same,” he said. “That’s why I’m proud of my guitar playing on this one.

“Maybe it’s a little less fancy, but it’s identifiable and it sounds like me.”