Singing Carly Pearce’s Praises

An Entirely Other Level of Amazing

When Carly Pearce‘s debut single “Every Little Thing” went to No. 1, I’m sure nobody was more thrilled than Pearce.

Well, except maybe her co-writer and producer busbee. He wrote “Every Little Thing” with Pearce and Emily Shackelton.

Busbee is a sought-after Nashville hit machine and has been honing his craft with country artists like Garth Brooks, Jason Aldean, Florida Georgie Line, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, Blake Shelton, Keith Urban, Maren Morris and so many more.

But this time, busbee was moved to post a screenshot of a radio chart showing Pearce’s song in the top spot.

“It’s an amazing feeling to have written a song that goes #1! But it’s an entirely other level of an amazing feeling to believe in someone else’s talent and seeing the song go #1,” busbee raved.

Every Little Thing (Live) by Carly Pearce on VEVO.

“I’ll never forget when (Daniel Lee) sent me @carlypearce and suggested that we work with her. I loved her voice and as I quickly got to know her, I could tell that she was an incredibly hard working person as well! Carly had already been writing with the incomparable @emilymariejames so the three of us writing together just made sense. What didn’t make sense (in a statistical manner) was the three of us sitting down to write a ballad,” he said, explaining that tempo is usually a songwriter’s best bet when trying to write a hit.

But that day it just felt too right to write a haunting ballad, he said.

“But more important than writing a ballad or not a ballad was writing the truth. So we wrote Carly’s truth. And with her insane, God-given gift of a voice she sang her face off, like she always does. Little did we know that that would be the song that unlocks the door for Carly. She has been through many ups and downs, closed doors, and ‘no’s.’ She’s had some people discourage her and even be dismissive of her. But I believe she has always known in her heart that her talent is unique and impactful!

“And the thing we all have so dynamically learned through this process is that it only takes one ‘right’ open door to change everything.”

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