Cam Introduces World to “Diane”

Disarming the Vulnerability, Just Like Dolly Did

Thanksgiving is going to lean a little more country this year, when Cam takes part in the 91st annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day on Thursday (Nov. 23).

But she’s not just rolling down the streets of Manhattan, she is actually performing her brand new single “Diane.”

“How amazing to be coming in on Thanksgiving when people are all sitting together and to bring up such a heavy subject that people don’t talk about,” Cam told Billboard Country Update about the cheatin’ song that has the mistress apologizing to the broken-hearted wife.

That kind of done-me-wrong heartbreak is what inspired Cam and her co-writers Tyler Johnson and Jeff Bhasker to tackle such a sordid topic.

Diane (Lyric Video) by Cam on VEVO.

“It has happened to people that I’ve cared about, friends whose parents have gone through rough divorces and another friend of mine who is going through a rough divorce right now. That was kind of on my mind,” she explained, “trying to create the way I wish it had gone for them: that the other woman comes forward, says ‘I didn’t know he was married; I’m here to tell you the truth and apologize and be upfront.’ ”

Some people — Cam included — have compared the tune to Dolly Parton’s 1973 hit “Jolene.” And Cam is quick to point out that in “Jolene,” just like in “Diane,” there is no cat fighting between the two women.

“Even if it’s the guy cheating, somehow (women) fight with each other all the time. Dolly didn’t scream or cry hysterically. She’s just talking so calmly at Jolene.

“There’s something disarming about how vulnerable she is,” she said.

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