Darius Rucker on Small Town Blessings

Carrying on the Grateful Tradition

When Darius Rucker was growing up in Charleston, SC, his mom made sure that he counted his blessings. Probably every day, and especially on Thanksgiving.

I caught up with Rucker at the WUSN Stars & Strings benefit show in Chicago last week, and we talked about carrying on that kind of grateful tradition.

“When I was a kid, we had to go around the table and say one thing that you were thankful for. It could be anything,” Rucker told me.

And whatever those blessings were as a kid, they changed from year to year. “As you got older, you felt blessed for different reasons, so it was easier to say it on Thanksgiving. That was a thing back in the day,” he said, “and that’s the way we’re trying to raise our kids, too.”

He said that his three children are good kids, and they never take anything for granted.

“And they all work hard for what they get. They’re thankful to be able to live in a great country and live a pretty OK life. They’re really thankful kids,” he said.

Since he’s chosen to raise his family off the beaten path in Charleston, his fame isn’t really an issue because he’s just like anyone else raising a family there.

“Everybody’s used to seeing me. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to stay home,” he said. “I wanted to raise my kids in a small town with that kind of village mentality.”

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