Thomas Rhett Says Mick Jagger Influenced His Show

His Stage and Song Inspirations

In a new story in London-based digital magazine Taylor, Thomas Rhett talks about the music and the shows that influenced his own music and shows.

Starting with Mick Jagger.

“My dad definitely had a lot to do with my inspiration,” Rhett says of his dad Rhett Akins, “but my first concert was The Rolling Stones.”

“To this day, they’re still my favorite band. I think Mick Jagger has had a lot of influence in the way that I move around stage,” he added.

He also shared that when he was just a little kid, he was inspired by The Darkness, an English rock band that brought their tour to the U.S. “They were in Nashville and at that time,” he said, “they were my favorite band (I was such a rock n’ roll kid), and I remember being really inspired by them.”

When it comes to inspiration off the stage, Rhett says that he used to get it from meeting fans, and now he gets it from love. “Love in general — I’ve been married for five years — so I try to write about what I know about or what I have experienced myself in the past,” he said.

And if Rhett could write a letter to his teenage self, he would urge himself to stop looking ahead so much.

“I wish I could say to my 16-year-old self: ’Dude, just cherish the moment. Really live at 16,'” he said.

Rhett and Jagger have something in common this year. They are both nominated for 2018 Grammy Awards. Rhett’s Life Changes is up for best country album, while the Blue & Lonesome by The Rolling Stones is nominated for best traditional blues album.

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