The “Wrong Rumor” About Keith Urban

He's Keeping His Roots in Nashville

Thank you, Nicole Kidman, for putting this rumor to rest. And for not leaving Nashville.

After reports that Keith Urban had bought a $39 million Manhattan town home started circulating, his wife had a chance to shut that gossip down, and she took it.

At the Gotham Independent Film Awards, while Kidman was there to receive the Actress Tribute Award, Extra asked her about the swanky new address on the Upper East Side.

“No, no. That’s definitely a wrong rumor, so I’m glad to put it to rest,” Kidman said. “No, we’re staying put in Nashville. It’s a good town for us.”

Blue Ain’t Your Color (Official Video) by Keith Urban on VEVO.

The town home Urban had allegedly bought to allegedly surprise his wife (which is pretty archaic anyway because Kidman has more than enough money to buy her own mansions, thank you very much) has seven bedrooms, eight full and two half bathrooms, plus a suite for the staff. The Beaux-Arts residence was last owned by a hedge-fund billionaire, according to Variety.

Even with 12,745 well-appointed square feet, the place just doesn’t hold a candle to Urban and Kidman’s Tennessee home.

“We love New York City, but we’ve got our roots in Nashville,” Kidman said.

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