What Makes Luke Bryan Country?

Good Manners, Hard Work, Church on Sunday

For the last month or so, Luke Bryan has been asking his fans, friends and followers what makes them country.

They’ve pretty much inundated the country star with the reasons why they have country cred. Hanging at the river with awesome friends, eating Fisher scones at the state fair, driving dirt roads every day, living in grandma’s house, driving by horse farms, wearing t-shirts and jeans, running trot lines, catching mud cats on the Sabine River, harvesting at night, and owning pick-up trucks. So many pick-up trucks.

And now, it’s Bryan’s turn to let everyone know what it is that makes him so country.

Just a few days before Bryan’s much-anticipated What Makes You Country album is released, he revealed in a radio interview that it’s his raising that keeps his heart in a country state of mind.

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