Walker Hayes On His Not-So Overnight Success

Talks Costco, Saviors and Debut Album boom.

Walker Hayes agrees. One of the greatest gifts a parent can pass down to their children is showing them what it’s like to chase a dream. Hayes and his wife Laney have six and another on the way.

In his 13-year Nashville life, the Mobile, Alabama native, 37, had signed with a few record labels and he was subsequently dropped by them. He and his wife moved to the Tennessee capital for music right after their honeymoon. And if anyone had told him then that it would be more than a decade before he would release his full-length debut, he probably would have stayed home.

“Thirteen years to a 20-something-year-old is a long time to wait, work, kill time and chase a dream,” Hayes tells CMT.com. “What keeps you in this business is the thought that maybe tomorrow will be different. It’s cliché, but everybody says, ’We’re all one song away,’ and it’s so true. The difference between me and the guy down the street busking with his guitar case open is just one song.”

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