Luke Bryan: “This Is Good for the Soul”

Musicians on Call Launches Music Pharmacy

“This is good for the soul.”

That’s what Luke Bryan said when he walked into Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC to play for the staff and patients there.

But his performance wasn’t the only thing that was good for their souls. Bryan was also at the hospital to launch the Music Pharmacy of Musicians on Call.

The Pharmacy is a new program that lets patients access technology to get more of the healing power of music without having to leave their room.

“This is yours. Spread the love,” Bryan said when he delivered a basket full of tablets already ready to go with music from Pandora, plus Bose headphones to make listening as quiet or loud as patients want. There are even exclusive mixtapes created by MOC and Pandora with healing in mind. The custom curated mixtapes include: “Prescription Strength” with songs promoting perseverance and hope, “Chill Refill” for when it’s time to relax, and “Dose of Joy” featuring songs from some of MOC’s many celebrity supporters.

“I think Musicians on Call is just the fabric of what it’s about. Me being a musician being able to participate, but also knowing this is going on in so many hospital rooms across the country,” he added. “And knowing that this is spreading so much love and joy, and making so many people hopefully have a better day.”