Nashville: The Big Moments From Season 6 Episode 1

New Year, New Strings

It looks like season six will bring some big changes to the characters of Nashville.

Here are some big moments from the season premiere:

  1. Maddie’s Gig

    Maddie heads to Los Angeles to perform her new song.

  2. Juliette’s Onstage Meltdown

    After being heckled, Juliette confronts the crowd and ends the performance early.

  3. Will Runs Into Zach

    No one likes awkward moments with an ex – especially when they have a date and you don’t.

  4. Maddie’s New Love Interest

    Sparks fly when Maddie meets pop star Jonah Ford.

  5. Juliette’s Depression

    Juliette admits she is depressed and announces her tour will be postponed on live radio.

  6. Scarlett Moves On

    Scarlett deletes Gunnar from her favorites.

  7. Will and Gunnar’s Bromance

    Will jumps onstage to make Gunnar more comfortable since he’s not quite ready to perform solo.

  8. Juliette Visits Darius Enright

    Darius appears to want to help Juliette telling her, “You have to give up control in order to gain control.”

  9. Deacon Isn’t Alone

    Maddie, Daphne and Scarlett surprise Deacon to ring in the New Year.

  10. Juliette’s Phone Call

    It seems Juliette is going to take Darius up on his offer when she tells him, “I’m Ready.”

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Associate producer for CMT Digital who lives in Nashville, but grew up in a small Western New York town that prides itself on having more cows than people.