Gary LeVox Thanks Lord for Covering

"It Happened So Quick," He Says of Fire

Over the weekend, Rascal Flatts frontman Gary Levox wasn’t just praying for daylight. He was praying prayers of thanks that when his bus went up in flames, he was able to get out safely.

He was with his brother, heading out for a day of hunting in Louisiana on Saturday (Jan. 6) when the fire started.

“My bus caught on fire this morning on my way to a hunting trip. My brother Kevin and I got out. It happened so quick and could have been a different story if the ammunition would have caught fire,” LeVox shared on Instagram with a video of smoke filling the inside of the bus.

“What a way to start 2018. Thank you, Lord for your covering this morning!”

Rascal Flatts’ next show isn’t until Feb. 14 in San Antonio, so hopefully by then LeVox will have had a chance to get the bus back in touring shape.

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