Why Keith Urban Is Living His Morals

"The Girls See That," He Says

It sounds like Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s daughters Sunday and Faith are already little advocates for women’s rights.

At Sunday night’s (Jan. 7) Golden Globes, the couple walked the red carpet to talk about the hot topic of the night: the Time’s Up initiative that is committed to correcting the power imbalance between men and women and fighting the systemic sexual harassment that exists in all kinds of workplaces.

Urban told ET that he and Kidman always try to set a good example at home with their daughters. “Hopefully Nic and I are living our morals…and the girls see that,” Urban said. “They’re also fortunate to have the grandmothers they do and be able to watch them and see how they live.”

Kidman admitted, both on the red carpet and during the show, that her mother has always set a good example for her.

“My mother was a feminist when I was growing up,” Kidman said.

“They’re pretty aware. They’re very much about advocating for women’s rights and for what they want to do and having opportunities,” she added of Sunday and Faith.

During the ceremony, Kidman won best actress in a limited series for her role as Celeste — a victim of domestic abuse — in HBO’s Big Little Lies. When she took the stage to accept the award, she took time to thank all the women who had a hand in her career.

And then she thanked Urban.

“Keith Urban, when my cheek is against yours, everything melts away,” she said, “and that is love.”

“We’ve had a whole seismic shift in terms of what’s happening and people speaking out,” she said. “There’s an outcry right now…we’re instigating change.”

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