Chris D’Elia Gets Serious About Vegas

Comedian Shares a Story About Route 91

Chris D’Elia is one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever seen or heard. But the comedy stops when he decides to get serious as he did on Instagram on Sunday (Jan. 7).

He posted a picture of himself backstage before a show in California, explaining what was going through his mind and why his heart was heavy at the time.

“This was the last picture taken of me in 2017. It was right before I went on stage on New Year’s Eve,” D’Elia wrote. “I had been reflecting on the past year… particularly I was thinking about the shooting in Las Vegas.

“Sitting here I knew a man was in the audience who had lost his girlfriend that awful night. A few of his friends had reached out to me on Instagram about how they were both fans. So I invited him and his family to the show,” he said of Ethan Sanchez. Sanchez survived the Route 91 Harvest festival shooting, but his high school sweetheart Angela Gomez did not.

D’Elia shared that he’d invited Sanchez backstage, but he was surprised to see him without his family.

“Afterwards, they came backstage and I realized something. It wasn’t his family he brought. It was hers,” he said.

“This choked me up. I can’t imagine the pain they must feel. My heart truly goes out to them. I guess I’m writing this post to honor her, her family, and everyone effected by that incident. That family really was the sweetest. I told them then and I’ll put it in writing now… This show was for her. Rest In Peace, Angela.”

Gomez, 20, was in her third year at Riverside City College working hard to get her nursing degree. She was one of the 58 victims of the mass shooting on Oct. 1, 2017.

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