Russell Dickerson Aims for Michael Jackson

“That Music Takes You Somewhere,” Dickerson Says

Russell Dickerson is seeing a lifetime of work coming to fruition with his breakout ballad “Yours.” After a 37-week climb up Billboard’s Country Airplay chart, it has become Dickerson’s first Top Five hit, and it’s virtually inescapable. When Dickerson recently visited the CMT headquarters, he said he’s still processing everything.

“We started this whole thing on our own,” he tells “After all of the hours, miles and flights, now finally we’re seeing a return. We’re seeing the seed that we planted has now turned into a big tree. It’s not fully grown yet, but we’re starting to see some harvest from that.”

Dickerson can remember the times when he predicted his rise to prominence would happen overnight. One of them was in 2011 when he graduated from Nashville’s Belmont University. His classmates Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley had graduated the year prior, and “Cruise” was approximately a year away from its release. At the time, Dickerson thought determination and hard work would land him offers quickly.

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