Eddie Montgomery Talks New Montgomery Gentry Tour and Music

"I’ve Thought, ‘Man, Can I Do This?’ Music is the Only Thing I’ve Ever Done.”

Eddie Montgomery’s face lights up with a smile when he talks about his late bandmate, Troy Gentry.

Montgomery lovingly referred to him as “T” or “T-Roy” during our CMT.com Q&A to discuss the new Montgomery Gentry album, Here’s To You (available Feb. 2).

Over the course of the conversation, Montgomery recalled the hell they raised when they were a new Nashville band called Dukes. Back then, Gentry insisted on driving those long rides from Kentucky to Music City while Montgomery napped in the passenger seat. He talked about the random jokes Gentry would crack live in concert that only the band could hear over their talkback microphone.

“You can’t be together 35 years and not have a lot of memories,” Montgomery told CMT.com. “There are a lot of memories I’d like to tell you that would make you fall over laughing, but you can’t put them out. We lived a lot of life together.”

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