Chris Young’s Dog Needs Your Help

You Could Follow Him, For Starters

Supposedly, Porter runs the joint.

It says so right in his Instagram bio. “Porter: German Shepherd. Belong to Chris…but I run the joint,” it says.

And if that’s the case–that the little black German Shepherd is in charge of his social media presence–then he really needs to boost his followers. His master Chris Young has 958,000 followers, but the new puppy only has 1,471.

So far, Porter has only posted twice. Once to thank Young for letting him nap in his arms, and once to try to understand why the world goes dark when his eyes are closed.

Porter was a gift from Young’s little sister, and he came from Cedar Valley Canine, a breeder and trainer just outside of Nashville.

Young is currently on the road with Kane Brown and LANco for his Losing Sleep tour, which kicked off on Thursday night (Jan. 11) in Indianapolis.

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