Dierks Bentley: The Drifter Has a Home

Would His Heart Recognize the Old Him?

I guess the years have changed Dierks Bentley.

Thirteen years ago, he was singing that he was not going to settle down, that his old boots still had a lot of ground to cover, and that you could talk about forever but he still had a lot of leavin’ left to do.

Now, though, he is singing a much different tune. His new and already insanely catchy “Woman, Amen” is for the woman who keeps Bentley grounded, his wife, Cassidy.

Woman, Amen by Dierks Bentley on VEVO.

“I feel like it all starts at home with my wife,” Bentley told Billboard. “She is who grounds me, she is also the one who has helped me to grow as a person over all these years, so I feel if I’m going to tell these stories (on this album) right, I need to start with her.

“It’s that sound, that drive, having something that’s uptempo and really makes you feel great, but isn’t a funny song. I’ve had those,” he said. “I’m trying to get to that same party place, but get there in a way that’s a little deeper.”

He also shared that Cassidy didn’t quite embrace the song right away, likely because she’s heard all the love songs that have come before this one. “I’ve come back from so many writing appointments over the past 12 years like ‘I wrote this song about you,’ and she’s like, ‘Just because it’s a love song doesn’t mean it’s about me.’ She can see through things,” he said.

Bentley co-wrote “Woman, Amen” with Josh Kear and Ross Copperman, and in a press release, he admitted that he and his music have come so far since his 2003 debut, mostly because of the love he and Cassidy share.

“Our journey together has made me the man I am today,” Bentley said. “I doubt my heart would even recognize the old me.”

Bentley will be performing “Woman, Amen” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday (Jan. 18).

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