Lindi Ortega Details Concept Album Liberty

New Music Arrives March 30

Lindi Ortega’s next album will be a concept album split into three movements. Arriving March 30, Liberty explores themes of loss, séance, resurrection and freedom.

Ortega wrote and co-wrote all 12 songs with songwriters Aaron Raitiere, Bruce Wallace and the Civil Wars’ John Paul White.

“Even though I always tried to have a silver lining, whether it’s by making my songs tongue-in-cheek, or writing some dark lyrics to happy music, there’s always been an element of balancing light and dark on my previous albums,” Ortega explains in a release. “But this is a full story, and I want everybody to be able to take something away from it at the end of the day.”

The character in the songs experiences darkness and grief in “You Ain’t Foolin’ Me” and “Til My Dyin Day.” Then grief turns to desperation in “Nothing’s Impossible” and “The Comeback Kid.”

Then the plot begins to turn on “Darkness Be Done,” and about halfway through, with “Forever Blue,” the character chooses to follow the light.

Liberty concludes with “Gracias a la Vida” from Chilean composer Violetta Parra. The title translates as “Thank you to Life.”

Recorded at the East Nashville studio Battle Tapes with Skylar Wilson, the music reflects Ortega’s Mexican lineage and draws from work by Oscar-winning composer Ennio Morricone. Harmonica legend Charlie McCoy and Steelism appear on the album.

Ortega will support the new music with her 2018 tour. Liberty’s complete track listing and Ortega’s shows through May are listed below.

Libery track listing:

Through The Dust Part I
1. “Afraid of the Dark”
2. “You Ain’t Foolin’ Me”
3. “Til My Dyin Day”
4. “Nothings Impossible”

Though The Dust Part II
5. “The Comeback Kid”
6. “Darkness Be Gone”
7. “Forever Blue”
8. “In The Clear”
9. “Pablo”
10. “Lovers In Love”

Through The Dust Part III
11. “Liberty”
12. “Gracias a la Vida”

Ortega’s 2018 tour:

Jan. 19: Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Jan. 20: Regina, SK, Canada

Feb. 4- Feb. 11: Cayamo 2018
Feb. 15: Little Rock, AR
Feb. 16: Kansas City, MO

Mar. 15: Swift Current, SK
Mar. 16: St. Albert, AB
Mar. 17: Fort Macleod, AB
Mar. 24: Seattle, WA
Mar. 25: Portland, OR
Mar. 29: Los Angeles, CA
Mar. 30: San Diego, CA

Apr. 1: Phoenix, AZ
Apr. 3: Austin, TX
Apr. 4: Dallas, TX
Apr. 5: Houston, TX
Apr. 12: Calgary, AB
Apr. 14: Winnipeg, MB,
Apr. 15: Minneapolis, MN
Apr. 17: Chicago, IL
Apr. 19: St. Louis, MO
Apr. 20: Nashville, TN
Apr. 21: Decatur, GA
Apr. 22: Charlotte, NC
Apr. 24: Washington DC
Apr. 25: Annapolis, MD
Apr. 26: New York, NY

May 4: Montreal, QC
May 5: Ottawa, ON
May 6: Burnstown, ON
May 7: Kitchener, ON
May 9: Toronto, ON
May 10: London, ON
May 11: Hamilton, ON
May 12: Kingston, ON

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