Nashville: The Big Moments From Season 6 Episode 3

Jump Then Fall

The latest episode of Nashville, titled “Jump Then Fall,” brought relationships to new places, tears for some and new beginnings for others.

Check out the big moments:

  1. Zach’s Big News

    Zach announces he’s moving back to California to run for senator.

  2. Avery Meets Darius

    To please Juliette, Avery meets with Darius to discuss why Juliette should join his movement. Let’s just say he’s not a fan.

  3. Duet Dreams

    Jonah asks Maddie to sing on his next album.

  4. Out in the Open

    After Daphne sees Deacon and Jessie out together, he decides to tell Maddie and Daphne that he has been dating Jessie.

  5. Maddie and Jonah Make the Tabloids

    The paparazzi catch Maddie and Jonah leaving the studio together. After seeing the tabloids blow up with rumors, Maddie has second thoughts about getting involved with Jonah.

  6. This Kiss

    Jessie doesn’t think a second date with Deacon is a good idea, but he has other thoughts.

  7. Juliette’s Joining the Movement

    Juliette tells Avery, whether he likes it or not, that she is going to join Darius Enright’s movement for Coherent Philosophy.

  8. Will Has a Problem

    Will’s been bulking up lately with the help of steroids. His doctor told him he needs to stop, but that didn’t stop him from taking more.

  9. Daphne Is Not Okay

    Daphne is still feeling the pain of losing her mother and doesn’t like the idea of Deacon moving on with someone else.

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