Reese Witherspoon on Dolly Parton’s Best B’day Ever

Draper James Profits Going Straight to Imagination Library

I bet Dolly Parton is really hard to shop for — like almost impossible. She’s probably one of those women who already has everything. So if you wanted to give her something she’d truly treasure, you’d probably have to come up with something really special.

And Reese Witherspoon has.

On Friday (Jan. 19), 100 percent of the profits from Witherspoon’s Draper James stores are going to Parton’s Imagination Library of Middle Tennessee. The charity mails free, high-quality books to children from birth until they begin school.

“Few people in this world have touched my heart like Dolly,” Witherspoon shared on Instagram.

“She has been my inspiration all my life. Her kindness, her humility, her beautiful spirit. Help me wish @DollyParton Happy Birthday!!! In honor of this extra special Southern gal, 100% of today’s profits at @DraperJames will go to Dolly’s charity, @imaginationlibrary.”

You can shop at any of the store’s four locations, or online. Either way, it’s the perfect rationale for filling your closet and/or your home with treasures from the store Witherspoon founded to recapture and celebrate all she loves the South.

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