Maren Morris Boasts Most-Played Hit with “I Could Use a Love Song”

Kane Brown Retains Country Album Crown with Self-titled

Never imbued with a frontier mentality when it came to cold weather, Nashville and Music Row virtually hibernated this week when confronted with snowfall approaching two inches and temperature dipping as low as 7° F.

Nonetheless, the charts kept on charting, and here’s what we had.

Kane Brown’s self-titled album kept its No. 1 hold on Billboard’s country albums rankings, and Maren Morris moved in to top the most-played country song chart with “I Could Use a Love Song.” It had spent the past 44 weeks inching toward the summit.

Those of us who caught Morris’ performance at last year’s New Face Show — the finale of the annual Country Radio Seminar — recall her introducing the song to great applause.

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