Is Carrie Underwood’s Son Isaiah Gifted?

His Cognitive Skills Are Off the Charts

Carrie Underwood’s son Isaiah will be turning three in February. But some of the two-year-old’s current cognitive and language skills make him seem like he’s wise beyond his years. And I suspect he could be gifted. Or a genius. Or maybe even a gifted genius.

You’ll see what I mean in a video Underwood recently posted on Instagram. It’s of Isaiah and his dad Mike Fisher reading a children’s book about the story of Noah’s Ark. But Fisher’s not the only one doing the talking. Isaiah clearly identifies the lions, zebras, bats and giraffes getting onto the ark. And Noah. He can point to Noah and say his name. It’s all very impressive, and according to Underwood, it’s heart-melting.

Story time with Daddy…Learning about Noah…and my heart melts…

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“Storytime with Daddy…Learning about Noah…and my heart melts…,” Underwood said of the video.

She also shared some news recently about her injured wrist and says she is now good to go, and she thanked her team of doctors and her physical therapy angel.

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