Nashville: The Big Moments From Season 6 Episode 4

That's My Story

The latest episode of Nashville, titled “That’s My Story,” shed light on the past, hope for the future, and had us tapping our toes to a country-fied version of a pop mega-hit.

See the big moments:

  1. Not Ready for a Change

    Daphne cancels plans with Deacon once she finds out Jessie plans to join.

  2. A Little Overzealous

    Avery, Will and Gunnar perform together, but Will’s enthusiasm annoys the other guys.

  3. Deep Thoughts

    Juliette shares what she’s learning from Darius’ book, but Avery doesn’t seem impressed.

  4. Here to Help

    Scarlett begins volunteering at an equine therapy ranch.

  5. None Too Pleased

    Jake calls Deacon a “rage-aholic,” and Daphne is quick to come to his defense.

  6. Haunting Memory

    Juliette has a flashback from her childhood that scares her.

  7. A Tasty Analogy

    Avery has enough of Gunnar and Will’s bickering and tries to explain they actually need one another.

  8. Facing a Dark Truth

    Juliette breaks down during a witness session at the Center for Coherent Philosophy.

  9. Tearin’ It Up

    Avery, Will and Gunnar give NSYNC’s “Tearin’ Up My Heart” a country makeover.

  10. A Clean Start

    After a rocky beginning, Daphne and Jake make amends during detention.

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