Sam Hunt Books Studio Time for New Music

Announces New Music Festival in Nashville April 20-21

Sam Hunt had every intention of performing new music at Tuesday’s (Jan. 30) press conference announcing the stadiums on Luke Bryan’s What Makes You Country Tour. But he decided against it because he didn’t want to get his words mixed up.

“I was going to try and work up a new song, but I haven’t memorized some of the lyrics yet,” Hunt admitted.

So he did the next best thing. Wearing a fresh straight razor shave, he performed “Take Your Time” and shared one of his earliest memories of Bryan.

“I discovered Luke’s music several years ago when I was in college,” Hunt said. “I came home one weekend and walked in the house and everyone was gathered around the TV, and my mom said, ’Hey come over here. Your brother’s in a country music video.'”

That video was Bryan’s first, “All My Friends Say,” and it was filmed at Hunt’s brother’s fraternity.

“We were all wound up and excited because we got to see 2.5 seconds of the back of my brother’s head in this Luke Bryan video,” Hunt recalled.

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