Nashville: The Big Moments From Season 6 Episode 6

Beneath Still Waters

The latest episode of Nashville was full of emotional conversations, hope for healing and a hookup between band members.

See some of the biggest moments:

  1. New Girl Crush

    Gunnar is excited about the fans’ reaction to Alannah.

  2. Date Night Downer

    Jessie and Deacon bring Daphne and Jake along to an art show. It’s the last place Daphne wants to be.

  3. Getting Personal

    Alannah invites Gunnar over to her place to hear some of her original music.

  4. That Escalated Quickly

    After abruptly leaving Alannah’s home, Gunnar returns and things heat up for the bandmates.

  5. Time for a Talk

    Deacon tries to address Daphne’s problems with Jessie, but Daphne wants to be left alone.

  6. Busted

    Will and Avery find out Gunnar and Alannah hooked up.

  7. A Helping Hand

    After Sean has too much to drink, Scarlett lets him crash on her couch and learns about the death of his best friend and the cause of his PTSD.

  8. Dinner Party Pooper

    Daphne storms out during an uncomfortable dinner with Deacon, Jessie and Jake.

  9. Real Talk

    Jessie reassures Daphne she’s not trying to take Rayna’s place, and the two bond over the emotional conversation.

  10. A Breakthrough

    Sean begins singing again for the first time in a long time.

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