Maren Morris Still Believes in Albums

Singer Shares Update on Her Next Release

Are you the kind of person who listens to an album from beginning to end? Or do you just listen to the handful of songs you like? Either way, Maren Morris gets you.

“I still believe in the art of the album. I love being in the studio and making a full record, a body of work,” Morris told Beats 1 radio. “But I also totally understand it’s like instant gratification culture, and I think people — if they are a fan of you — they just want to consume anything you put out.”

Morris was talking with the Apple radio station about her collaboration with Zedd on his countryish EDM song “The Middle,” but the conversation turned to the way she is making her next batch of music, which she is working on now, as a follow-up to her 2016 major label debut album Hero.

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